About Midnight Sky Farm

We have a small Organic farm with a Peruvian Paso / Missouri Fox Trotter horse,
and a Mule, Marshall Riley, who is looking for a new home.
We also have 2 mini horses, five parrots and two Rat Terriers (one is a Katrina rescue.)
We use alternative & preventative holistic healing for ourselves, our horses, dogs and parrots.

Melanie and her husband Gordon are Reiki Masters, doing Energy work.
All animals get Homeopathics, body work, Acupressure, Reiki, free choice minerals, probiotics, herbs.
Horses are on open stalls to pastures, 24/7.

Melanie is a Master Herbalist with honors work in emergency horse first aid.
She does Reiki work, Acupressure, Holistic Horse Healing and massage on horses
and can be called to work on horses in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Homemade herbal salves made with flowers grown and harvested on the farm.
Contact her for herbal products or Horse healing work. Phone: 971-343-2073.

healing sarra

Our Peruvian Pasos, gone on to greener pastures.

* BELOW LEFT: in Heaven, our Beloved "ROCIADA DEL MAR, "Rosie"
She sadly passe at 14 years, Oct 29, 2012.

*BELOW RIGHT: In Heaven, our blessed La Maraca FMR
La Maraca was Rociada's mother and she passed in 2008 at the age of 21.
Gifted by Sharon Williams when we bought Rosie.

They were Mel's favorite horses. Rosie and La Maraca are so missed.
Rosie was quite a playful spirit and did so much healing on us.
La Maraca was the essence of feminine beauty and sensitivity.
She had a lovely soul and a silky smooth ride.

Rociada Del Mar, "Rosie" Corazon De Pasqua " Sarra"

Our Peruvian Pasos rescued and found lovely homes.

*CORAZON DE PASCUA ,   "Sarra": BELOW LEFT Grey Peruvian Paso,
Alyson Stockham at Dara Park Peruvians now owns her, Spokane Wa. July, 2013

Corazon De Pasqua " Sarra"  

* CORAZON PRECIOUSA,  "Grace" BELOW LEFT, Black Peruvian Paso,
also purchased by Alyson Stockham in Oct. 2013.
Both Sarra and Grace were rescue horses. Healing work was done, herbs used,
trained and now they have a wonderful home. Sarra is in the right photo with Mel.

Corazon Preciousa "Grace" sarra and mel

NOCHE: Black Peruvian Paso rescue, 14 years.
BELOW LEFT. Noche came to us, insulin resistant, was not rideable and limping.
He had chiropractic several times, changed diet, lost 100 pounds, now rideable.
He found his home at Big Oak Farm with the Epperson Family since April, 2015.

AMANTE: Peruvian Paso, Noche's father.
BELOW RIGHT: 17.5 yr. old Buckskin.
Amante needed chiropractic work, Reiki and found his home in Astoria, Or. Feb. 2015.

VISTA: BOTTOM LEFT: 15 yr. Palomino Peruvian Paso
This sweet mare was a rescue from killer auction lot.
She had chiropractic, Reiki, herbs. Her forever home is in Burns Or. 2015.

REVEN: BOTTOM RIGHT: Tennessee Walker / Kentucky Mountain horse
This sweet horse found his forever home with Sandra Strampher in Washington, now moving to Oklahoma.
He had chiropractic, herbs, essentials oils and lots of body work.
He came in with high head, locked up neck, afraid of aggression, may have been a show horse.
He is relaxing more, learning to trust and loves his new home.

Noche Amante

Our Horse Family below: Tostado, Peruvian Paso / Missouri Fox Trotter,
Marshall Riley the Mule, and 2 Mini horses.

* TOSTADO (AKA Toast) Below: purchased from Dara Park Peruvians, Spokane.

This Gelding has won our hearts over. He reminds me so much of Rociada (Rosie).
He helped to heal Melanie's heart after losing Rosie. He's intelligent, easy going, gentle and looks... that's the best part!!
BELOW LEFT: He's working with Alyson before coming down to our farm, November 2013.
TOSTADO, BELOW RIGHT, making the Famous Tostado Beamer pose.

Melanie and Tostado center, left. Mel's Father, Robert Rae, 94yrs. in 2015 with Tostado, center right.

Tostado Tostado at Dara Park Peruvians
Tostado Mels Dad and Tostado

CARMELITA: Mustang, from the Warm Springs Tribe, Eastern Or. She has found a new home.


MARSHALL RILEY 9yrs: Is looking for a new home.
He is14.1, such a sweet guy, rides solid trails/packs. He has more energy then I have time and is looking for a new home that will get out and ride more. $4,500 o.b.o.

Marshall Riley

Our 2 Mini Horses below: Ava, Dark Brown and daughter Spirit, chestnut and white.

Ava and Spirit


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