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Midnight Sky Herbal garden

Above, is one of sevaral gardens on Midnight Sky Farm.

Our Herbal Products

We are a small organic farm. Herbs for the salve are grown, harvested on the farm and products made to order. Orders take time as harvesting times change during different seasons.
This gives products a longer shelf life & personal care to each customer. Midnight Sky Farm Herbal products have only a few ingredients and are safe for all skin types, children and animals. I have terrible allergies and decided to make my own products.

Our products include: Deep healing salve, Rose cream, Green tea shea salve.

For resource product links, click below:
Essential oils come from "Essential Lotions and Oils".

Deep Healing Salve    4 oz. jar

4 oz. $25.00 

Deep Healing Salve  2 oz. jar

2 oz. $13.00 

Deep Healing Salve 1 oz. tin

  1 oz. $7.00

Deep Healing Salve 2oz Deep Healing Salve Deep Healing Salve 1oz

How do you use Deep Healing Salve?

This salve is our best seller. It is wonderful for cracked or chapped skin, rashes, sore muscles, heals cuts and scraps.
I put it on my hair to condition it before I wash and rinse it and the results are wonderful. Safe for adults, children,
baby rash, and animals. Our Katrina rescue dog loves this for her dry skin and if she licks it off, it is harmless.
Our horses love it also.
It has saved on vet bills with quick healing on stitches my horses have had!

Contact Melanie when ordering by phone: 971-343-2073

We do things the old fashioned way here with paying checks when ordering
since products are made at the time of order, this does not include shipping.
We apologize for this inconvenience but the home made
products are well worth the wait and cost!.


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