Equine Portraits, Originals are for sale. All Images are Copyrighted. Permission of artist is needed is placing on other websites.

From left to right top row:  Guardian Angel,   Rocio Del Mar,   Bowers Portrait

guardian angel rocio del mar portrait bowers portrait

From left to right:  Townsend Portrait,   Wood Horse

townsend portrait   wood horse

Equine Art: Watercolor and Oil Pastels

From left to right:  Spirit Horses,   Spirit Horse Mandala

spirit horses spirit horse mandala

From left to right:  Water Spirit,   A Life Within

waterspirit a life within

From left to right:  Water Horse,   Wind Horse

water horse wind horse

Feathered Friends

From left to right:  Bird of Prey Mandala,   Bird of Prey Sunrise

bird of prey mandala bird of prey sunrise

From left to right:  Owl Spirit,  Eagle heart,  Eagle Sunrise

owl spirit eagle heart eagle sunrise

From left to right:  Moonlight Raven,   Blue Front Amazon Sunset

moonlight raven         blue front amazon sunset


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